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26. May 2008, 19:27
Here you can talk about hunting opportunity in Slovenia. About what you need to hunt here, regulations, game,...

13. June 2008, 11:13
Dragi lovci iz lovskih druzin Slovenije,

Ime mi je Peter Maurer, pridem iz Avstrije, sem zelo zanimiv
na lov na mocne srnjake v Sloveniji (mocne, kapitalne ali zanimive

Tudi me zanimi lov na gamse na odlicnem odzemljem (karawanke, steiner alpen, triglav)

Prisel bi do 150 km od meje Ljubelja.

Prosim za informacijo a bi imeli moznost za lov za gozde iz Avstrije in a
se imate nekaj zanimivega ?na rezervi? za letos. Iskam dolgorocno moznost
lovisa na srnjake v Sloveniji.

Hvala lepa za odgovor,

Lep pozdrav,

DI Peter Maurer
Loibltal 34
A-9170 Ferlach
+43 664 25 35 541
Email: peter.maurer1@utanet.at

Hound Hunter
17. June 2008, 14:32
Are there any Slovenian hunters on this forum that can type in english.
I can read a little Slovenian, but speak the language much better.:icon_lol:

17. June 2008, 14:36
[B]Are there any Slovenian hunters on this forum that can type in english.

I think, that here are many hunters, that can type in english.
But they are little shy:icon_wink: so they are waiting for some questions to start typing.

Hound Hunter
17. June 2008, 15:12
Gday ZR7 I was looking at your profile picture, that sure is one ugly looking mutt. Much more ugly than any of my bloodhounds or beagles. :icon_lol:
The hound in your avatar is a nice looking dog.
Do you or any of your members on this forum hunt with hounds?
I hunt Sambar deer with hounds most weekends during the season here in Victoria.

17. June 2008, 15:20
Gday ZR7 I was looking at your profile picture, that sure is one ugly looking mutt. ...
The hound in your avatar is a nice looking dog.
Do you or any of your members on this forum hunt with hounds?
I hunt Sambar deer with hounds most weekends during the season here in Victoria.

:icon_lol:The ugly one is watching my profile:icon_wink:

The Nice looking dog is bitch, named Bisa. She is Alpine Dachsbracke (one of scenthounds) and we often hunt together. Yesterday in the night, we were loking for roe deer buck, wounded by my friend. We were sucessfull.:icon_lol:

17. June 2008, 15:24
Hello Hound Hunter! Throughout the hunt season it is almost necesary to hunt with dogs. We hunt Red deer, wild boars, foxes, rabbits... the hunt is performed by group of hunters, who surround the hunt area and some other hunters with dogs (hounds) "push" hunted animals towards them... How do you hunt?

Hound Hunter
17. June 2008, 15:58
Gday Kolovski.
The only deer we are allowed to hunt in Australia with hounds are sambar deer, and the only dogs that we are allowed to use to scent trail sambar deer are Bloodhounds & Beagles of pure breeding.
We have many deer in Australia Sambar being the largest, but we also have Red deer, Rusa deer, Fallow deer, Chital deer and Hog deer.
Not all the deer are in the same areas but we also have Kangaroos, Wallabys, Wombats, Wild Dingoes, Foxes and many more animals that we do not want the hounds to trail.I will explain our methods of hunting in more detail when i have more time, will also try and post some photos when i workout how to do it.
Dont be afraid to ask any questions that any of you might have.

17. June 2008, 17:40
Why do you hunt only one kind of deer with dogs? How do you then hunt rabbits or ducks or....
I think its necessary that a group of Slovenian hunters comes down to Australia to show you how to do it:icon_lol:,because it looks like you have no idea:icon_lol:(?oke)!
Do you hunt Kangaroos too?:icon_study:Ive heard that its forbitten to hunt them? Is that true?

janez valentic
18. June 2008, 10:39
Hello dear ozzy hunter.
If I'm not mistaken they shoot 1-2 millions of roos each year. And even night time hunting with lights is not forbidden.
How about pigs? I've heard you got tons of them and big ones too - they are ugly as hell because they come from farm animals but I suppose there are still the king of the beasts - their meat that is.
There was a nice article in Slovenian Hunting Association's Newsletter LOVEC a few months ago about a Slovenian guy who moved to Australia some 20 years ago.

Hound Hunter
18. June 2008, 14:17
Dragi Dolgin & Janez Valentic ( I hope thats right )
I will try and answer your questions as best i can.
Firstly Kangaroos are a protected species and must not be hunted, the only people that can legally shoot roos are professionals that have permits to cull them.
An example would be if a property owner had a plague of roos on his property he could apply to the relevent government department for a permit to cull (eg 200) roos, then he could get a professional in to shoot his limit and remove the animals to a chiller for export.
I have shot many roos over the years mainly for dog food but i dont feed my dogs roo meat any more as it gives them worms. (The ROOS are full of them).
But if you like the meat dont let me stop you, we are only to happy to keep exporting it to Europe.:icon_biggrin:
To answer Dolgins Question about why we only hunt Sambar with scent trailing hounds is because that is the only deer we are allowed to hunt with hounds. We are governed by laws and regulations that The Department Of Natural Resources And Enviroment (DNRE) have put together.:icon_sad:
An example would be if we hunted Hog deer with our hounds they would catch these deer very quickly and that would not give them a fair chance to escape.Hog deer are a similar size to your Roe Buck but heavier.
We also hunt rabbits , ducks , and quail, some of the guys that hunt with me have Brittney Spainels, German Short Hair Pointers and Hungarian Vislers, these dogs can also be used to hunt Sambar when Stalking. (Point & Flush).
To answer Kolovskis Question about how we hunt , when we wake early Saturday morning i will send out guys to track the forest roads or walk sections of the bush (Forest) until we find fresh deer tracks . I will then check the tracks myself to make sure that they are truly fresh (most of the guys dont have my experience with deer sign).
I will then position the hunters where i think the deer might run, next i will put my most experienced hound on the fresh tracks, when that hound starts to voice loudly i will release 4 more on the trail. (Regulations only 5 hounds are allowed at any one time).
Hopefully someone gets the deer if not we have to follow the hunt and get in front of them.We have shot deer 20kms from where we have started them.
Sambar are mainly solitary animals, they dont run in herds like red deer.
When hunting Sambar i dont allow anyone to shoot any other animals, Eg Three weeks ago one of the guys called me on the radio to tell me he could see a wild dog and thought the hounds might be chasing it , i told him that the hounds were not on the wild dog and to leave it to pass, ten minutes later he shot the stag .(His third deer in three hunts ).
Regarding pig hunting i dont have the time these days to travel the distance needed to find pigs, also the price of fuel is a set back. I have hunted them in the past with pig dogs and knives but i would rather hunt the Mighty Sambar deer with my hounds. One of the guys that hunts with me has a freind that went to northern Queensland three weeks ago and shot well over 300 pigs for the week.
About the article in Lovec, id seen it my father gets it every month.
Thats about it for now i hope ive answered some of your questions i have to get some sleep now as i have to get up early in the morning to go Stalking for Sambar and Fallow deer, then its up the bush again friday after lunch to hunt the Mighty Sambar with my hounds:icon_biggrin:

18. June 2008, 14:42
It would be nice to see some pictures. Welcome to our site Hound Hunter.

18. June 2008, 14:53

Hound Hunter you are wellcome to our site and be wery nice if you show us some photos of sambar and other deers.

J am soory for my english, its like "me Tarzan, you Jane".

Lovski zdravo
Janez L

18. June 2008, 21:14
Aha,nice! I see you have lots of knowlege about huting Sika deer! And I see it is not simple at all! Please send us some photos of your hunting adventures! In Slovenija it is forbidden to hunt red deer and Doe with dogs,its only alowed to hunt rabbits,foxes,ducks....,and wild boars with dogs!
How do you hunt in your cuntry,I mean do you have to to have some license or make same exams or is it enaugh to just buy the "permision" and thats it (in Slovenija a person is only alowed to hunt if he/she makes 13 exams,or there must be one present who has it made) ?
Do you always hunt in grups,or can you hunt individualy too?
Do you have Bears? Volves?
Is your father Slovenc?:icon_lol:
Aha,one more thing,do you have any experience with Night Force rifle scopes?

janez valentic
18. June 2008, 22:41
Hound Hunter thanks for explaining to us some of your hunting ways.
Dober pogled!

Hound Hunter
22. June 2008, 09:08
Hello again

To answer some of Dolgins questions, firstly stalking means to hunt without dogs ,which can be alone or in small groups.
In Australia we also need a licence, firstly we must have a firearms licence
just to purchase and own a gun. A person must be 18 years of age before he or she can sit a test for their full licence. The test consists of a series of questions. Firstly 15 questions which must be answered correctly then a further 30 questions of which no more than 3 can be incorrect, the questions are mainly based on Safety. Then if you want to hunt game you must purchase a game licence to allow you to hunt game, if you want to hunt ducks you must also sit a wit test (Waterfowl Identification Test). Also if you want to hunt Sambar deer over hounds you must sit a test for this also.
Pigs, Goats, Foxes, Rabbits and Hares are not classified as game and you do not need a game licence to hunt and shoot them.You only require a game licence to hunt deer & game birds.
And no we dont have Bears & Wolves only Koala Bears:icon_evil:, but we do have wild dingoes that eat alot of small children every year:icon_lol:, just joking.
Yes both my parents are Slovenian and they both hunt. My father is 72 and still comes out on all the hunts and walks more of the bush than most of the younger guys.
Sorry i dont know much about the Night Force Rifle Scopes, I know about their spotlights but have never seen their scopes. If i was you i would save my dollars (Euro) and buy a Leopold Scope, you cannot go wrong.
Thank you all for your warm welcomes.
ps Check out my Album in my public profile i have put a few photos in there.
I will post more photos in my Album when i have more time.

Hound Hunter
22. June 2008, 10:40
Hello Fellow Hunters.
Three of us went stalking last thursday on some private property , 15 min before arriving the property owner phoned to tell us he could see five Sambar deer in his paddock (Field) feeding among his cattle. When we arrived they had already gone , so we spent the day stalking the forest and put up (Flushed) 6 deer, 2 of which we sighted but not the stag. The forest is very thick in parts and visibility is very limited, still a day in the bush is better than a day at work.
Friday at 1:30pm my father and i left home for a 2 1/2 hour drive to our chosen hunting area. We have finally received the rains we have been waiting for as it makes it easier to track the deer & also easier for the hounds to scent them. Saturday we had a succesfull hunt and a new guy Steve shot a large doe his first hunt and first deer, he was using my old 30/30 and put 2 well placed shots into her.
I have posted a photo of Steve and the doe (Axle in background).
The other 2 dogs are Tyson and Little Copper (Bitch).
The other deer is a spikey we got last week one of 3 deer that day & 2 beagle pups.
Sorry about the picture quality i was only using my phone camera.
Bye for now Hound Hunter

22. June 2008, 11:08
Nice pics Hound Hunter, well done :icon_biggrin::icon_exclaim:

22. June 2008, 15:06
Thanx for explonation!
And well done at hunting!:icon_biggrin: Nice hounds! One more question! What do you use dingo and fox skins for? Furr?
I see your friend Steve didnt use a rifle scope on your 30/30,he must see very good,oh,no the target was very big:icon_lol::icon_lol:!
On how far did he take the deer? I mean,was he that close that the 30/30 was enough? What calibers do you use most often?
(thats more than one Q.:icon_lol::icon_lol:)

Hound Hunter
22. June 2008, 15:45
Hello Dolgin
Foxes are an introduced speices to Australia and are classified as vermin they kill many birds and native animals so we are encouraged to shoot them, the DNRE were paying a bounty of $10 a fox not long ago.
One of the guys that hunt with me is starting up a taxidermy business so we will have to go on a fox shoot.
The 30/30 ejects the bullets from the top so it is not possible to mount a scope on it , the shoots were taken at the deer running as most are at about 35m, Steve is a very good shot though he shoots olympic skeet.
We are not allowed to use anything smaller than .270 with 130 grain projectiles for Sambar. I have shot deer with many calibres but am using a
.444 Marlin lever action with my own reloads at the moment.
You are right about the 30/30 being a bit light for sambar but if you put the bullet in right place it does its job.
I have put some more photos in my album, if u click on an image you can view a larger image.

22. June 2008, 16:10
Nice pics,uf its a big animal! Our red deer comes not much as 150-180 kilos! But even those are exceptions,most of them are up to 150 kilos heavy!

Hound Hunter
22. June 2008, 16:19
Question why dont you guys post photos in your albums, I have been looking at some of your user profiles and no one has any photos.

Hound Hunter
22. June 2008, 16:20
Question what does Mustela mean?.

23. June 2008, 07:59
Nice photos, Hound hunter! You can check most of our photos at forum, theme is trofeje.
Mustela is first name for scientiphic (latin) name for this animal: http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/ermine.htm

23. June 2008, 08:01
Probably noone knows how to di it:icon_lol:!


Here are some of my pics!
Mustela means you are a begginer,dont know how exactly its made,bud on every 100 posts you get another "nick"! When you goet to 100000 you are probably very old:icon_lol:

23. June 2008, 17:53
Dammed,its not working,bl.... machenery:icon_evil::icon_evil:

23. June 2008, 21:19

If you want to see some photos you should click on this forum themes:

"lovstvo", "divjad" and "trofeje" (for trophies). Try ... Than there are some spicies like "srnjad" is
roe deer, "jelenjad" is red deer, "prašič" is hogs (wild pig),...

LP Srecko :icon_mrgreen: (means the lucy one in origin Feliks)

24. June 2008, 07:35


You must be logged to see all the photos!

24. June 2008, 09:02
Some nice photos are in our galery ( http://www.forum-lov.org/index.php?option=com_zoom&Itemid=58 ) on main site.
You must be registered and logged there too to view trophies.

Hound Hunter
25. June 2008, 08:02
Gday guys,
Thanks for the explanation about what Mustela means, I hope you guys are not calling me a Weasel. :icon_sad:
Thanks for the tips on viewing your photos in this forum, they are GREAT Photos, but it would be nice if you guys set up your own albums so that i could put a face to your names.
I have a question for u all?
In the Lovec Magazine 5/2007 page 282 under the heading :Pomoc pri iskanju obstreljene divjadi vam nudijo: there is a guy named Brus Andrej from Logatec
does anyone know him ? I think he may be related to me as my father has relations in Logatec from his fathers side of the family.
Srecko ! I knew what the meaning of your name was, as i had an uncle here in Australia with the same name . He passed away many years ago and we burried him back in his home town in Slovenia.

Hound Hunter
25. June 2008, 08:18
I have set up another album in my user profile if anyone is interested, it is a mix of old photos that i have scanned from my Photo Album so the quality may not be good.
I have many 100s of Hunting Photos from over the years, I can keep posting more photos if u guys are interested.
I would love to see more of your photos as i think you have one of the most beautiful Countries in the world.
Hope to hear from u guys soon
Hound Hunter.

25. June 2008, 14:43

25. June 2008, 14:47

25. June 2008, 14:47

25. June 2008, 17:09
Hello Hound Hunter. Welcome to our pages and forum!

I see you have been hunting also in New Zeeland! Fantastic and one of the most beautifull country in the world. Animals found there perfect conditions for there lives. Australia is also beautifull only that here is much deserts inside.

Keep posting pictures and some of your hunting stories to us. We are relatively new forum so people didn't upload their pictures to profile yet. But eventually the'll do it.

Greetings to Australia!

Hound Hunter
13. July 2008, 11:42
Gday fellow hunters
Last weekend we hunted with another Hound Crew in a area we shot a big Sambar Stag in last year , we hunted for 2 days and shot 6 deer , 2 on the Friday and 4 on the Saturday.
Friday we got a Doe and a young Fawn and on Saturday a young Stag about 15 inches, 2 Does and a Spiker that i shot, the Hounds hunted really well and i had my Hounds come through on 4 of the deer shot.
Sorry but i did not have a chance to take any photos as we hunted hard all day, walked and ran many miles trying to get the hounds on to a good Stag, but no luck.
How have you guys been going, any luck in your hunting?.:icon_smile:
I have added some more photos into a new Album in my user profile (Click on show all Albums) you have to check, there may be more than 1 page in each Album.
These are a couple of photos from the last weekend that the guys took.
Harry checking out the scenery & Boris the Joker.
Cheers to all you Slovenian Hunters
Hound Hunter.

30. July 2008, 15:51
Were are the photos of that incredible hunting??':icon_lol:

Hound Hunter
31. July 2008, 13:20
Sorry Shadow23 , but i didn't get a chance to take any photo's, as I was trying to find a good stag that was living in this valley system.
I found his fresh prints late in the day, but it was to late to start dogs on him,
I didn't get out of the bush until dark. I will ask some of the other guys if they took any photos, as they cut up the deer's and carried out the meat.
Here is a photo of me and a Sambar Stag that i shot while stalking a few years ago.
We are are going for a hunt this weekend to an area we chased a good stag into 2 weeks ago, there was heaps of deer tracks, so with some luck we might get a couple of deer. Will let you know how we went, and also get some photos.
Cheers Hound Hunter.

Hound Hunter
3. August 2008, 12:11
Gday Guys

Here are a few photo's from Saturdays hunt.
We hunted hard all day and ended up with 3 deer, a young spiker,a small stag and a stag with 27inch antlers. The dogs and guys hunted well even though the weather was really bad (lots of rain and very windy)

3. August 2008, 18:20
Nice! How do you say congragulations,we say Lovski blagor??

Hound Hunter
8. August 2008, 15:08
Gday Dolgin

To answer your question on how we say congratulations, we mostly just say Well Done.
What does blagor mean ?
How have you guys been going lately, have you shot any deer?.
Cheers Hound Hunter.

Hound Hunter
31. August 2008, 04:13
Here are a few photos from yesterday's hunt, the dogs worked well and we ended up getting a young doe.
The lucky hunter is Manny (His first deer).
It was a long carry out about 1.5 km.

Cheers Hound Hunter.

Hound Hunter
5. October 2008, 04:07
Here are a few photo's from the hunt we had on Monday, we ended up with a doe but a couple of the guys missed a good stag and i also missed a spiker :icon_redface:.
Check out the magazine in the photo's.

Hound Hunter
16. November 2008, 11:42
Here are a few photos of Leon's Sambar Stag back from the Taxidermist.

16. November 2008, 18:34
What does blagor mean ?

It's hard to translate well. English - Slovene dictionary says "wellfare" for blagor, so together, it would mean "Hunter's Wellfare". But in our language it sounds like some kind of congratulations.

16. November 2008, 18:39
It's interesting to see animals and dogs from other countries, in that case from other continent. Can you shortly explain some major things about sambar?
What kind of dogs did you use in that hunt and how did you use them?

16. November 2008, 21:04
For Me it is also specially to see Lovec Magazine next to you! I wonder where did you get that? Do you get it in Australia?

Hound Hunter it is alway nice too se picters and huntings reports from you!


Hound Hunter
23. November 2008, 03:28
Thank's for the explanation ZR7 as i have never heard that word in Slovenian.
What make's the Sambar deer so hard to hunt is their unpredictibility. Unlike most other deer species they do not all cast (loose) their antler's at the same time. Also they do not breed at the same time, they can have fawn's at any time of the year. Sambar also can have a very large home range (area). In all our hunt's we only use Bloodhound's and Beagle's to hunt Sambar deer as our hunting law's alllow. The way we use the hounds to hunt is to try and find fresh deer track's to start them on as the hound's are trained to voice (bark) on Scent (smell).If we can not find fresh print's i will let them out and walk them around the bush (forest) in areas where i know deer like to be and most times they find their own. Then it is just a matter of staying well ahead of the hunt and try to get a shot at the deer.
Where in Slovenia is PIG VALLEY or is that a secret?. :icon_lol:

Gday Ganges No they do not sell the Lovec magazine in Australia, my father who is pictured holding the magazine has a cousin in Logatec who has organized to have it sent to him every month. It is a very good magazine, Very good photo's only wish i could read the language better.
I have noticed that not many of you guy's have your trophie's mounted, but rather have skull mount's. Are there not many people in Slovenia that do this job. (Taxidermist's) ?.

Here are a couple of photo's of a stag Harry shot while out stalking yesterday morning, his brother Arthur is pictured holding the stag. I should have gone with them :icon_cry:.

23. November 2008, 12:07

Your father has a cousin in Logatec? Really? That's the neighbour hounting area, so it's just a few kilometers from where I am! if you ever come to our beautifull country You are more then welcome!

23. November 2008, 12:28
I have noticed that not many of you guy's have your trophie's mounted, but rather have skull mount's. Are there not many people in Slovenia that do this job. (Taxidermist's) ?.

There are enough of Taxidermists in Slovenia,but it is all a matter of $$$ (one cost oround 150-200€),a matter of space (women dont like graveyards in our homes:icon_evil:-thats what I hear every time) and a matter of tradition! Do you give every trophy to taxidermist? What are the costs? If so,you must have a giant "hunters room"!

Hound Hunter
23. November 2008, 12:38
Gday Brakir thank's for the welcome, i would love to visit Slovenia again some day. Hopefully one day.:icon_biggrin:
I am not sure exactly but i think my father's cousin is from Horjul (sorry about the spelling) which i think is very close to Logatec. I will find out.
If any of you guy's ever think of coming to Melbourne let me know, i would be happy to take anyone out on a hunt. There is always something to hunt in Australia.

23. November 2008, 13:11
In Horjul we have clay pigeon shooting range.... It's really a small world...

Hound Hunter
23. November 2008, 13:28
Hello Dolgin
I only asked about the taxidermist's because i have noticed many of the photo's of some excellent trophie's (Gams & Srnjak) that have had just their head's cut off. The guy that mounted Leon's Sambar stag charges $750 dollars AUS. The last one i had done was a full body mount Hog deer stag that cost $2000 AUS.
Dont worry about the women Dolgin, as Leon said "if his girlfriend doesnt like it she knows were the front door is".:BangHead:
If the room is not big enough build a new room. :beer:

Cheers Hound Hunter

23. November 2008, 17:00
it she knows were the front door is".
If the room is not big enough build a new room.


23. November 2008, 17:12
Hound hunter,a question!
I have noticed on one of the pictures (the one with the doe and the bottle :icon_twisted:and the hound) that the dog is equiped with GPS(? i think). Do you practice that allot?

23. November 2008, 18:30
Where in Slovenia is PIG VALLEY or is that a secret?. :icon_lol:

Pig valley is only a joke. Today. Two years ago it was cautionsness.
This forum was a revolution against old leadership of Slovenial hunting association. We are proud of helping thing changes a bit. But here are still few things we have to fight for. Long story.:icon_twisted:

Hound Hunter
26. November 2008, 13:15
Gday Dolgin

The tracking collar's that i have on my hound's are not GPS but they emit a radio freqency that i can track very accuratly. It does take alot of practice to be able to understand and read the signal, but i would not run a hound without one.
Year's ago we would lose hound's for day's ,week's and even month's and sometimes never get them back at all. They have saved me much time and money over the last 12 year's and i have never lost a single hound since.

26. November 2008, 23:36
Hello Hound hunter
I´we read a lot about telemetry collars that you use, but i can´t find a dealer who will send it to slovenia. If you hawe some contacts or web site for ordering please share it whit us. How much they cost in Australia.

Hound Hunter
29. November 2008, 14:01

Gday Mrki this is a website for Tracker you can try them they might be of some assistance to you.
The problem with the Australian made systems are that the collars are a sealed unit and have to be sent back to the manafacturer to be re-batteried.
I have 2 different radio telemetry tracking systems, one is an Australian made product called Bio Telemetry Tracking which just uses a ICOM receiver with a large antenna, it is very accurate but the antenna is a bit awkward to walk around the bush with. The other is the Tracker Maxima unit which is very handy in the bush as it is only small when folded up.
The Tracker Maxima unit is made in Finland but it is not cheap, i tried to buy it over the internet from Finland and America but they would not sell it to me and kept refering me back to their dealer in Australia.
If there is not a Tracker dealer in Slovenia you may be able to buy it over the internet but you have to make sure of legal requirements for Frequency Bands
In Australia the legal frequency band is 151.000 - 157.000 for the collars.
I hope this has been of some assistance to you Mrki, i will let you know of the cost as i can not exactly remember at the moment, but they were not cheap.
If anyone has any Questions just ask and i will try to help.
Regards Hound Hunter

29. November 2008, 19:50
Thank you for info. i have contacted them and i´m waiting for answer.Price for the collars are from 125$ to 165$.

Hound Hunter
11. January 2009, 10:41
A few photo's from my trip up the bush.
I caught and released over 40 Mountain Brown Trout yesterday, kept about a dozen for a feed.
Most of our Mountain Stream's and River's hold good numbers of Trout, but they do not grow to a large size as in some of our bigger River's.

Cheers Hound Hunter

11. January 2009, 10:49
Njami, njami :icon_lol:

Hound Hunter
15. January 2009, 13:34
:icon_exclaim: Your right Veper they were very yummy, with a nice garden salad and chips.

16. January 2009, 23:40
......and pinot, chardonay or malvazija :icon_wink::icon_lol:.

Hound Hunter
17. January 2009, 03:13
Haa Ha. No just a cold can of Coka Cola for me, dont really drink much these day's.!!!!
Maybe a nice Chardonay would of gone down well.!!!!!! :icon_biggrin:
Must buy a nice bottle for next time.!! :icon_wink:

:beer: Hound Hunter :icon_confused: :icon_twisted:

Hound Hunter
27. April 2009, 04:17
Gday again guy's,
Saturday was our opening of the hound hunting season for Sambar deer.
Unfortunately there seems to not be any respect or ethics amongst hound hunting crews here in Victoria any more and we had to compete for land to hunt. There were 4 other hound hunting crews in close proximity to us and we were limited in the area that was available to hunt.

Fortunately we were the only hound crew that were successful and managed to harvest a doe which was shot by Harry with a .375 H&H.
Hopefully the other hound crews move on soon and we can get back to the business of hunting and training the young hounds.!

Here are a few photos of the very heavy and well conditioned doe and the hard work getting her out of the bush, which was made a little easier with the help of my winch and a very long rope.

Cheers Hound Hunter :beer:

27. April 2009, 10:59

27. April 2009, 19:12
Well done :icon_biggrin:. Keep on touch with us,


Hound Hunter
30. April 2009, 12:45
Thank's guys.!!!

No problem Prskae, i will do my best to keep you guys up to date with our hunting progress.!! :icon_wink:

Just packing the 4wd now and loading the hounds, getting ready to drive to the mountains tomorrow morning.!
Hopefully i will have something to share again when we get back.!! :icon_biggrin:


Hound Hunter.

30. April 2009, 14:13
Tomorow is also in SLo. 1st day of hunting for roe deer:icon_lol: Dober pogled..

Hound Hunter
10. May 2009, 13:25
Gday, again guy's
This weekend we were successful in taking a large bodied Sambar stag, our first stag for the season. :limona:
We also shot another Sambar doe last week, but i am still waiting for some of the guys to email me some of the photos as i did not have the opportunity to take any photos myself.

Here are a few photos of myself and the lucky shooter Manny with Axle and the stag.!

Manny took this stag (his first) with a 30,06 on the run with 2 well placed bullets through the shoulder and it still managed to run a further 200 metres before going down, Axle and Little Sally (Beagle) were about 3 minutes behind this stag but were chasing him for over an hour.
A few more hunts and the hounds should be much fitter and hunting realy well.

I will post some better photos of the whole crew and stag when i get them, as i lost my digital camera somewhere in the bush earlier in the day. :icon_redface:

Hound Hunter
10. May 2009, 13:36
Congratulation (Lovski Blagor) to all the forum members who have taken a Srnjak this season .!!! :beer:

And i wish all the members who are yet to take one, all the best and good luck.!!! :icon_wink:

Dober pogled
Hound Hunter :beer:

Hound Hunter
25. May 2009, 12:10
Here are a few more group photos of our first stag of the season.!

Cheers Hound Hunter.

25. May 2009, 12:31
Congratulation (Lovski Blagor) to all the forum members who have taken a Srnjak this season .!!! :beer:

And i wish all the members who are yet to take one, all the best and good luck.!!! :icon_wink:

Dober pogled
Hound Hunter :beer:

Hvala, lovski hvala in seveda tudi tebi čestitke k dobremu plenu in lepemu lovu!
It's interesting to see pictures of a prey, we don't know here in Slovenija.

25. May 2009, 12:33
Here are a few more group photos of our first stag of the season.!

Cheers Hound Hunter.

First picture has an ideal composition to be make by hand from some artist, or to be remake by paintshopping in sepia tool.

Hound Hunter
25. May 2009, 12:46
Here are a few photos from Saturdays hunt.
We walked and searched hard to find a start for the hounds as it is still very dry, as you can see in the photos, eventually we got a start for the hounds and they chased this small Sambar stag for about half an hour before Manny #2 shot this stag ( also his first Sambar ).
The hounds are hunting well and starting to get fitter and it is looking like we will have a good season.
We only need more rain now to make the ground softer and so the deer leave more scent for the hounds to follow.!
We also now have enough meat from these 2 stags, so that we can get some Krajnski sausages made. :icon_lol:

Cheers Hound Hunter :beer:

Hound Hunter
1. June 2009, 10:33
Hvala, lovski hvala in seveda tudi tebi čestitke k dobremu plenu in lepemu lovu!
It's interesting to see pictures of a prey, we don't know here in Slovenija.

Lovski hvala and thank's for the congratulations ZR7.!!
I hope you don't mind me posting photos on your forum, as all the the hunting and wildlife photos the guys post are of great interest to me also, I enjoy logging onto the forum and seeing all the terrific photos of your game animals and wildlife.!!!!

You are also correct in saying the photo would look good in sepia, I will have to print some in sepia for the hunting room. :icon_wink:

Cheers Hound Hunter :beer:

1. June 2009, 11:05
I hope you don't mind me posting photos on your forum, as all the the hunting and wildlife photos the guys post are of great interest to me also, I enjoy logging onto the forum and seeing all the terrific photos of your game animals and wildlife.!!!!...

We are happy to have members like you in our forum.
We also enjoy in loking photos from other places and discovering other kinds of hunting manners.
So we expect more photos from "down under":icon_wink::icon_lol:


Hound Hunter
1. June 2009, 11:26
Gday again guys,
Saturday we finally had a little rain and the conditions were exellent for hunting, and after all the guys were set into their positions Leon an I walked 5 hounds on leeds into the forest along some old and very slippery logging trails, falling over many times and getting dragged along the ground by the now very fit and strong hounds. :icon_redface:

When we arrived at the area that i thought should have a few deer we found much fresh deer prints, the hounds were released and started cold trailing immediately, after about 1 minute the were voicing hard and had the deer going. The deer gave them a good run around running back over his old scent lines trying to get the hounds off his scent.

After about 35 minutes the deer decided to try to make his escape out of this valley and ran into young James, who i had positioned on a old water course that i knew the deer liked to run and with 1 shot from his .338 Winchester Magnum at a range of 3 meters 15 year old James had his first Sambar Deer, a young spikey stag.!! :icon_biggrin:

All 5 hounds were only 5 meters behind this spikey, so the season is looking even better and hopefully we will get some bailups again this season.
I also had a few oppertunitys to shoot a young stag in velvet, but decided not to shoot him as it was a bit close to some farm houses and i would rather chase him with the hounds next time and give him a chance to escape.! :icon_biggrin:

Here are a few photos of young James and his first ever Sambar and the crew.!

Cheers Hound Hunter :beer:

Even Axle the hound Congratulated James by shaking his hand.!!!! :icon_lol:

Hound Hunter
1. June 2009, 11:46
Here are a few more photos of the hard work getting the spikey out of the valley.
Young James did a terrific job carrying out the back legs from his first Sambar, only wish his father could have also been there to share in this happy occasion.!

Cheers Hound Hunter.

PS: Thank's again ZR7, hopefully i will have more photos to share again when we hunt next weekend.! :icon_wink:

Hound Hunter
10. June 2009, 13:46
Gday guy's,
Here are a few photos from our long weekend hunt.
Many deer were seen and missed, but we ended up with 4 deer, 3 does and a malformed stag.
Sorry about the photos as they are not the best, but i was busy chasing the hounds around for most of the day and didn't get out of the bush until late, just intime to help with carrying some meat out of the bush.

Cheers Hound Hunter.

Hound Hunter
13. July 2009, 10:20
Gday guy's,
Here are a few photos from a hunt we had 4 weeks ago, this young Sambar stag was shot by Domonic with his Sako .270 and 150grain Reminton Core Lokt projectiles. The stag was taken on the run with 2 well placed shots with the hound very close behind.
It is also his first ever deer as he is only new to deer hunting, with hopefully many more to come.!:icon_wink:

Cheers Hound Hunter :beer:

13. July 2009, 10:25
good hunting:icon_lol:,good luck to continue to.

Hound Hunter
13. July 2009, 11:06
Gday guy's, after having a break from hunting Sambar for 2 weeks I finally had the oppertunity to have a shot at a Sambar.
I shot this small Sambar stag this Saturday with my .444 Marlin using a 265grain flat nose projectile on the run at about 90 meters through a thick patch of scrub.
I fired a quick second shot as the stag was disappering and hit a tree, :icon_redface: but it was not needed as my first shot was perfect and he only ran about 50 meters and went down.!

Cheers Hound Hunter :beer:

Hound Hunter
13. July 2009, 11:36
Here are a few more photos of my stag as he fell and the tree that jumped in the way of my bullet. :icon_biggrin:

Cheers Hound Hunter

14. July 2009, 14:35
Great shot! Did you ever think about going to work as a lumberjack???:icon_lol:,you wouldnt even need a chainsaw.....:icon_twisted:

Hound Hunter
15. July 2009, 12:35
Great shot! Did you ever think about going to work as a lumberjack???:icon_lol:,you wouldnt even need a chainsaw.....:icon_twisted:

Thank's for the good wishes Hunter.! We have got a deer every hunt so far, so hopefully that continues on.! :icon_wink:

Lovska Hvala Dolgin.!!
Well they do call us Carpenters "Wood Butchers" here in Australia.:icon_lol:
Definately no chainsaw needed.!!!!! Yeah the old .444 does a good job of that, it was not the first tree i have shot and i don't think it will be the last either, as almost all shot's taken are on the run and through some thick forests.
I have taken many Sambar deer and even shot quite a few through trees, thats why we use heavy calibres and the rule with Sambar is to keep shooting until they go down as they can be hard to kill.!

Hey Dolgin, was that really your sister walking the dog at Lake Bled ???, be sure to put a good word in for me.!:icon_evil: :icon_lol:

Cheers Hound Hunter

15. July 2009, 12:47
Nice that you are interested in the Dolgina sister .... even in our places of interest is growing ...:icon_lol::icon_lol:You get it at the lake Bled:icon_biggrin:

Hound Hunter
15. July 2009, 13:00
Hey Hunter,
I forgot you took that photo, nice pic mate :icon_wink:.
Interested ? you better believe it :icon_eek: WOW i will definately have to visit Slovenia again with scenery like that.! :icon_confused: :icon_biggrin:

Cheers Hound Hunter

15. July 2009, 14:50
Hound Hunter you better bring some second hand clothes for Dolgin's sister, as you can see she is very poor, she's got almost nothing to wear, good luck for her that is summer this days otherwise she will undercool.:icon_wink: Soo hurry, the fall is at the gate.


15. July 2009, 21:10
BANDA;PUSTTE MOJO SISTER ALONE:icon_twisted::icon_lol:,no doe like this one,a?

Hound Hunter
16. July 2009, 03:38
:icon_lol: Hey Luka NO Problem, never mind second hand clothes i would take her out shopping for some new clothes, maybe an Aussie Thong Bikini and some sunscreen? so she doesn't get burnt. :icon_twisted: :icon_lol:

Dont worry Dolgin, we are all just concerned for her welfare, wouldn't want her catching a cold.!! :icon_wink:
Your right not many doe's runing around here like that at the moment, but spring and summer are just around the corner. :icon_biggrin:

Cheers Hound Hunter :beer:

16. July 2009, 07:34
I must say that now a days is full open hunting seson for that kind of baptized doe's. You don't even have to fodder them, they just keep gathering around clubs etc., all you need is fat wallet and decent vehicle, evreything else just happen:icon_wink:. Good looking not necessary but wouldn't bother. So HH you intend to transpose your hounting ground down to beaches soon? Good luck.:icon_wink::icon_lol: and full your rifle with trustworthy ammunition:icon_twisted:.


Hound Hunter
17. July 2009, 04:28
Hey Luka, good luck to all you guys with that kind of game animal :icon_biggrin:, but i think i will stick to Sambar for a while.! :icon_wink:
No problem with the rifle, but it is better to load it with blanks, don't want any surprises.! :icon_twisted: :icon_confused:
I think maybe we should let this doe go for a while, she may not be Dolgin's sister but she is definitely someones sister and i wouldn't want to upset anyone.!
Anyway, I'm off to pick up the hounds and with some luck i might have some more photos to share with you guys again next week.!

Good luck to all the forum members with your hunting this weekend. :icon_wink:
Dober Pogled
Hound Hunter :beer:

17. July 2009, 07:49
Dober pogled to you too HH, hope we'll get some more pictures from down there, mybe some of reptiles also if possible. Enjoy and thx for best wishes about "does" but unfortunatelly i get married not long ago so this kind of game animal isn't any longer on my hunting menu. Anyway there I found a lot of other stuff at my free time to do like ironing, cooking etc., you know married stuff:icon_evil::icon_twisted:.