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Tema: Hunting in Slovenia

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    Jun 2008
    Melbourne Australia

    Privzeto ozzy hound hunter

    Dragi Dolgin & Janez Valentic ( I hope thats right )
    I will try and answer your questions as best i can.
    Firstly Kangaroos are a protected species and must not be hunted, the only people that can legally shoot roos are professionals that have permits to cull them.
    An example would be if a property owner had a plague of roos on his property he could apply to the relevent government department for a permit to cull (eg 200) roos, then he could get a professional in to shoot his limit and remove the animals to a chiller for export.
    I have shot many roos over the years mainly for dog food but i dont feed my dogs roo meat any more as it gives them worms. (The ROOS are full of them).
    But if you like the meat dont let me stop you, we are only to happy to keep exporting it to Europe.:icon_:
    To answer Dolgins Question about why we only hunt Sambar with scent trailing hounds is because that is the only deer we are allowed to hunt with hounds. We are governed by laws and regulations that The Department Of Natural Resources And Enviroment (DNRE) have put together.
    An example would be if we hunted Hog deer with our hounds they would catch these deer very quickly and that would not give them a fair chance to escape.Hog deer are a similar size to your Roe Buck but heavier.
    We also hunt rabbits , ducks , and quail, some of the guys that hunt with me have Brittney Spainels, German Short Hair Pointers and Hungarian Vislers, these dogs can also be used to hunt Sambar when Stalking. (Point & Flush).
    To answer Kolovskis Question about how we hunt , when we wake early Saturday morning i will send out guys to track the forest roads or walk sections of the bush (Forest) until we find fresh deer tracks . I will then check the tracks myself to make sure that they are truly fresh (most of the guys dont have my experience with deer sign).
    I will then position the hunters where i think the deer might run, next i will put my most experienced hound on the fresh tracks, when that hound starts to voice loudly i will release 4 more on the trail. (Regulations only 5 hounds are allowed at any one time).
    Hopefully someone gets the deer if not we have to follow the hunt and get in front of them.We have shot deer 20kms from where we have started them.
    Sambar are mainly solitary animals, they dont run in herds like red deer.
    When hunting Sambar i dont allow anyone to shoot any other animals, Eg Three weeks ago one of the guys called me on the radio to tell me he could see a wild dog and thought the hounds might be chasing it , i told him that the hounds were not on the wild dog and to leave it to pass, ten minutes later he shot the stag .(His third deer in three hunts ).
    Regarding pig hunting i dont have the time these days to travel the distance needed to find pigs, also the price of fuel is a set back. I have hunted them in the past with pig dogs and knives but i would rather hunt the Mighty Sambar deer with my hounds. One of the guys that hunts with me has a freind that went to northern Queensland three weeks ago and shot well over 300 pigs for the week.
    About the article in Lovec, id seen it my father gets it every month.
    Thats about it for now i hope ive answered some of your questions i have to get some sleep now as i have to get up early in the morning to go Stalking for Sambar and Fallow deer, then its up the bush again friday after lunch to hunt the Mighty Sambar with my hounds:icon_:

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    It would be nice to see some pictures. Welcome to our site Hound Hunter.

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    Apr 2008

    Post Hunting in Australia


    Hound Hunter you are wellcome to our site and be wery nice if you show us some photos of sambar and other deers.

    J am soory for my english, its like "me Tarzan, you Jane".

    Lovski zdravo
    Janez L
    ...nor je tisti, ki ne poskusi in poskusiti ni greh...

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    Aha,nice! I see you have lots of knowlege about huting Sika deer! And I see it is not simple at all! Please send us some photos of your hunting adventures! In Slovenija it is forbidden to hunt red deer and Doe with dogs,its only alowed to hunt rabbits,foxes,ducks....,and wild boars with dogs!
    How do you hunt in your cuntry,I mean do you have to to have some license or make same exams or is it enaugh to just buy the "permision" and thats it (in Slovenija a person is only alowed to hunt if he/she makes 13 exams,or there must be one present who has it made) ?
    Do you always hunt in grups,or can you hunt individualy too?
    Do you have Bears? Volves?
    Is your father Slovenc?
    Aha,one more thing,do you have any experience with Night Force rifle scopes?
    Last edited by dolgin; 18. June 2008 at 22:19.
    Kdor misli,da je dober človek, ker hodi v cerkev je tako kot bi stal sredi garaže in si predstavljal da je avto!

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    Hound Hunter thanks for explaining to us some of your hunting ways.
    Dober pogled!

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    Jun 2008
    Melbourne Australia


    Hello again

    To answer some of Dolgins questions, firstly stalking means to hunt without dogs ,which can be alone or in small groups.
    In Australia we also need a licence, firstly we must have a firearms licence
    just to purchase and own a gun. A person must be 18 years of age before he or she can sit a test for their full licence. The test consists of a series of questions. Firstly 15 questions which must be answered correctly then a further 30 questions of which no more than 3 can be incorrect, the questions are mainly based on Safety. Then if you want to hunt game you must purchase a game licence to allow you to hunt game, if you want to hunt ducks you must also sit a wit test (Waterfowl Identification Test). Also if you want to hunt Sambar deer over hounds you must sit a test for this also.
    Pigs, Goats, Foxes, Rabbits and Hares are not classified as game and you do not need a game licence to hunt and shoot them.You only require a game licence to hunt deer & game birds.
    And no we dont have Bears & Wolves only Koala Bears, but we do have wild dingoes that eat alot of small children every year, just joking.
    Yes both my parents are Slovenian and they both hunt. My father is 72 and still comes out on all the hunts and walks more of the bush than most of the younger guys.
    Sorry i dont know much about the Night Force Rifle Scopes, I know about their spotlights but have never seen their scopes. If i was you i would save my dollars (Euro) and buy a Leopold Scope, you cannot go wrong.
    Thank you all for your warm welcomes.
    ps Check out my Album in my public profile i have put a few photos in there.
    I will post more photos in my Album when i have more time.

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    Jun 2008
    Melbourne Australia

    Privzeto Hound Hunter from Melbourne Australia

    Hello Fellow Hunters.
    Three of us went stalking last thursday on some private property , 15 min before arriving the property owner phoned to tell us he could see five Sambar deer in his paddock (Field) feeding among his cattle. When we arrived they had already gone , so we spent the day stalking the forest and put up (Flushed) 6 deer, 2 of which we sighted but not the stag. The forest is very thick in parts and visibility is very limited, still a day in the bush is better than a day at work.
    Friday at 1:30pm my father and i left home for a 2 1/2 hour drive to our chosen hunting area. We have finally received the rains we have been waiting for as it makes it easier to track the deer & also easier for the hounds to scent them. Saturday we had a succesfull hunt and a new guy Steve shot a large doe his first hunt and first deer, he was using my old 30/30 and put 2 well placed shots into her.
    I have posted a photo of Steve and the doe (Axle in background).
    The other 2 dogs are Tyson and Little Copper (Bitch).
    The other deer is a spikey we got last week one of 3 deer that day & 2 beagle pups.
    Sorry about the picture quality i was only using my phone camera.
    Bye for now Hound Hunter

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    Nice pics Hound Hunter, well done :icon_:

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    Thanx for explonation!
    And well done at hunting!:icon_: Nice hounds! One more question! What do you use dingo and fox skins for? Furr?
    I see your friend Steve didnt use a rifle scope on your 30/30,he must see very good,oh,no the target was very big!
    On how far did he take the deer? I mean,was he that close that the 30/30 was enough? What calibers do you use most often?
    (thats more than one Q.)
    Kdor misli,da je dober človek, ker hodi v cerkev je tako kot bi stal sredi garaže in si predstavljal da je avto!

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    Jun 2008
    Melbourne Australia


    Hello Dolgin
    Foxes are an introduced speices to Australia and are classified as vermin they kill many birds and native animals so we are encouraged to shoot them, the DNRE were paying a bounty of $10 a fox not long ago.
    One of the guys that hunt with me is starting up a taxidermy business so we will have to go on a fox shoot.
    The 30/30 ejects the bullets from the top so it is not possible to mount a scope on it , the shoots were taken at the deer running as most are at about 35m, Steve is a very good shot though he shoots olympic skeet.
    We are not allowed to use anything smaller than .270 with 130 grain projectiles for Sambar. I have shot deer with many calibres but am using a
    .444 Marlin lever action with my own reloads at the moment.
    You are right about the 30/30 being a bit light for sambar but if you put the bullet in right place it does its job.
    I have put some more photos in my album, if u click on an image you can view a larger image.

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