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  1. G day Mrki
    To answer your question about the weather, our Autumn starts in March, but the weather can sometimes still be very hot up until the end of April. About the coldest temperature we get down here in the state of Victoria is -10 C but that is up in the ski resorts. Hope this answers your question.
  2. Interesting, I was always confused by the weather around the world. Here in slovenia the winter is coming and it is finaly cooling and you are getting hot. When do you have the cold days, and how lov temp. do you have, we hawe down to 20°C below freezing point.
  3. Thank you for the Birthday Greetings Mrki
    Will not be hunting much now as the weather is getting very hot and there is lots of snakes about, maybe some duck shooting on the rice fields and lots of fishing.Will post some photos of some recent fishing trips.
    Cheers Hound Hunter.
  4. Happy birthday, and menny good hunting events Hound Hunter.
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